How to Know if a Man is in Love?

Love is a feeling which we all express in different ways. Many times, these ways are peculiar to genders, from women showering their words of affirmation, while a man is more subtle and rather take actions. In the end, there are several pointers, and if you know what to observe, you can easily tell when a man is in love.

When he looks at you his eyes shine

The eyes of a man actually hold more truth than you can imagine. Take, for instance, the eyes of a little child when you offer him his favorite ice cream or cookies. The happiness cannot be hidden but is instead visible in his eyes.

This is the same way the eyes of a man in love would appear when he looks at you. A man’s eye contact says a lot about his feeling towards you, with one major sign being that his pupil dilates.

He doesn’t want to miss anything of your life

couple embracing in a field protecting themselves from the rain with a jacket, loving look

A man who loves and cares about you would most likely live in the “overly concerned” sphere. He would keep minute details to heart, and remind you about important points in your day like your appointments and if you’ve eaten.

Most certainly, he’d gladly give up his coat for you if it’s too cold. He doesn’t want to miss any part of your life, and although it might be cute or sometimes irritating, he can’t help but do it.

He is not afraid to let you into his intimacy

Yes, we all have boundaries, however, when it comes to love, one of the strong signs is that those tall walls crumble eventually. A man in love would not be afraid to let you in on the personal aspect of his life, which is a no-go to other ladies.

He talks to you often, even when you are not together

What’s up with partners being able to hours time talking to each other without getting bored or running out of stuff to say? Well, it’s the feeling of love. A man in love with you would always reach out, and love to hear from you, especially when you are not together.

When a guy wants to talk or chat with you now and then, it’s high time you ask yourself if you’re ready for something more than friendship.

You come first

Like it or not, a man has several ladies in his life, with probably one or two as close friends or secretly crushing on him. Therefore, he has to manage his attention across these relationships, but prioritize some. If he puts you first, it’s a good sign he loves you.

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