How to Win Back your Ex in 5 Steps?

Without question, love is a beautiful thing that everyone experiences at some point in their lives. However, it sometimes ends in bad experiences and ultimately heartbreaks. If this is your present condition, you’re not without hope as there are a few things you can do to win back the love of your life.

Start by taking your distance to prepare the ground

This is like the universal breakup 101 rule. It involves you cutting all forms of contact with him, and also keeping your distance. Stop the calls, text, emails and visits that characterized your relationship, therefore leaving the space where you used to fill, empty. Aside from being a rule, this also important in preparing the grounds to win him back.

Think of yourself first and let yourself be forgotten

Yes, a good and committed relationship requires a huge amount of selflessness, therefore there’s a good chance you are used to putting him first. However, in this stage, it’s time for a change. Learn to put yourself first, which would naturally lead to him putting himself first, and forgetting you in the process.

After a while, get back in touch

After successfully keeping your distance and also leaving a void in his heart, it’s time to get back in touch again. However, this step should be slow and steady, as you’d not want to appear creepy or too desperate and intending to run back into his arms. Start with a few texts, or chats just say hello or checkup on him. From there on, gradually increase your frequency of contact.

Keep in touch, without harassing him

This is a very delicate stage, where you have to find a balance between keeping in touch frequently and not looking like a pest or stalker. The mistake which many people make here is that they tend to text, call or email right away as frequently as they used to while dating. Doing this would make you look creepy, and worst of all leave him embarrassed. At that point, you’ve probably lost him and can kiss your chances goodbye.

Try to see him face to face

If you successfully scaled the chatting and texting stage by giving him just enough to keep him thinking about you, but you’re not appearing desperate, then proceed to physical hangouts. This is the last stage, and if you can successfully thread the previous steps while playing your cards right, there’s a good chance he’d say yes to a hangout meeting.

At this point, the balls in your court, as you’ve found a way into his heart. You can gradually proceed to rebuild what you once had.

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