What are the Best Games to Seduce by SMS?

Although making out is great, the steps taken to lead your partner to that point is even greater. Today, everyone wants something to spice up their relationship, as doing the same thing over and over again becomes boring. One of the best ways to seduce your partner and turn them on is through well-thought-out SMS seduction games.

Game n ° 1—Complete the sentence

Complete the sentence, more like fill in the banks is a popular educational puzzle among kids. Although, they spend hours sweating under exam tension, it’s actually fun for adults.

You can find a partner who finishes your sentence with this game, and all you have to do is get them to complete the sentence. On the other hand, you confirm if they are right or wrong, according to what you have in mind. Make the questions spicy and seductive.

Game n ° 2—Exchange of questions

This game is about finding out what each other wants through the exchange of seductive questions. As a couple, there is a high chance your answer would match rather than not, which would surely lead to something else from thereon.

Game n ° 3—Guess who I am?

This is a very seductive game that focuses majorly on role-playing, therefore allowing you to use your imaginations to the fullest. You can take a role, and make your partner guess who you are and the role you’re playing.

To make the game attractive enough, you can attach seductive prizes for each question they get right. In the end, it’s down to you to control it as you dim fit.

Game n ° 4—What do you prefer between … and…?

Easy to play? Yes, entertaining? Surely, and even more. This game can be easily played over SMS on your mobile and is a good way to law down seductive options to your partner. You should go like asking, “Which do you prefer between a bikini and negligé?”

Doing this would surely spur up his imagination, setting things in motion for your further seductive steps.

Game n ° 5—I have never…

Are you looking for a game that doubles as a secret revealer, but still allows you to control the narrative and theme? Well, you’ve found it. Playing this game gives you insight into the past deeds of your partner, and also allow you to throw in a good number of seductive ideas along the way.

Start by asking a few “I have never,” questions, designing them around seductive instances and scenarios. You’d surely not be disappointed with what it would lead to.

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