How to Manage your Favorites on the Dating site Match ?

Match is one of the most popular dating websites in Europe, with availability in over 15 countries and 13 languages. It is believed to have about 30 million subscribers, which is quite a lot, therefore, leaves you with no shortage of options. One feature on the site that helps you deal with the large volume of people is the ability to select and manage favorites by simply clicking on the love button. This feature keeps track of people you’re interested in, allowing you to add or remove from the list.

A quick overview of Match

Founded back in 2001, Match is is the English version of the dating site Meetic in France. Over time, it gained wide popularity and partnered with InterActive Corp, an American marketing company back in 2013. The site is available on both mobile and Windows version for easy access.

After registration, the platform allows you to browse through the profiles of other singles, who are also looking to meet someone. Registration is pretty straightforward and takes only a few minutes, however, you have to wait awhile before account approval.

Their thorough process of account approval is to minimize fake accounts on the site. Although you can enjoy the site for free, to get its best features, you must purchase a monthly subscription plan.

How to bookmark someone?

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On carrying out a search, Match gives you a ton of options of singles to choose from. Most times, it’s virtually an endless list. The bookmark feature helps you save the profile of people you may be interested in while surfing through the options available for your search.

The search result takes a format whereby the picture of the individual is displayed, alongside a few other details like their name, age and online status.

However, take a look on the left side of their picture, and you’d see four different icons, a love shape with plus underneath, a lightening sign, a message box and a chatbox.

To bookmark a profile you’re interested in, simply hit the love button and the system immediately adds the person to your favorites. To view those you have bookmarked, simply navigate to the favorite tab. You can also carry out other actions like message, wink, or even email them from there.

Is it possible to remove someone from favorites?

Yes, it is possible to remove someone from your favorites. It is also very easy to do, as it only requires that you hit the same bottom you used in adding them. When you click the love button a second time, it takes the person off your favorite list instantly.

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